Selection Le Grand Bivouac, France

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has been selected to be screened at a discussion night at the 16th edition of Le Grand Bivouac in Albertville, France! The festival, which encourages cultural diversity, has invited many professionals that know the Andean environment and its culture to talk about the issue of climate change for this film event.The event will take place on the 20st of October.

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins Youth Jury Prize

At the 13th Mountain Film Festival in Zakopane, Poland, ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has received the wonderful Youth Jury Prize in the International Mountain Film Competition yesterday! The Youth Jury Prize was prepared by the Youth Jury from The Antoni Kenar Art Schools Complex in Zakopane.

Their statement was the following: “We decided to award Pieter Van Ecke’s film, in which local customs are intertwined with the individual mission of cultivating the traditions. The film director, with each single shot, tells a new story – all of them ultimately create an extremely coherent and aesthetic picture of Samuel’s life. His loneliness and struggle with degradation of nature were shown through the images of a melting glacier, which had so far marked the course of Samuel’s family life.”

It is fantastic to obtain this recognition from a youth jury!



‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins Grand Prix des Festivals – Conseil de la Vallée

With great joy we announce that ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has won the ‘Grand Prix des Festivals – Conseil de la Vallée’ at the Cervino Cinemountain festival in Italy! The film competed with 11 other winning films of a Grand Prix award at a Mountain Film Festival for the award for best mountain film of the year.

The jury stated the following laudatory words about the film: “The jury considers this film as a major documentary work in terms of cinematic quality, and also recognizes the impact of this film for a reflection that we should all have on the subject of global warming. In a very subtle way, this film makes us live the evolution of nature and the disappearance of things (not only the glacier, but also of certain lifestyles, such as that of the protagonist).

The attachment of Samuel to these mountains, one of great simplicity but also of a deep spirituality, touched us. The rhythm of this film, as well as a magnificent cinematography, plunges the audience
into the universe of Samuel. Living at one’s own pace, taking time for contemplation, but also waiting of snow that will surely not come back….”

Congratulations to Pieter van Eecke and his crew for this incredible prize and recognition!

Picture © Cervino Cinemountain Festival

Official selection Cervino Cinemountain Festival

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has officially been selected for the 20th edition of the Cervino Cinemountain Festival! The film will compete in the ‘Grand Prix des Festivals – Conseil de la Vallée’  section, in which only the winners of the Grand Prix Award in other festivals of the International Alliance for Mountain Film for  the ‘Best mountain film of the year’ award. ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has won the ‘Grand Prix des Festival’ at the Autrans Mountain Film Festival in France, as well as the ‘Genziana d’Oro’ for best mountaineering film at the Trento Film Festival in Italy. This festival takes place from the 5th until the 14th of August 2017. For screening dates and times, check out the screenings page.


Selection ECOador International Film Festival

For this year’s edition, ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has been selected by the environmental ECOador International Film Festival. This selection is the Ecuadorian premiere of the film! The screening will take place on Sunday the 30th of July 2017 at 03:00pm.

Official selection International Mountain Film Festival Zakopane

We are very happy to announce that ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has been selected for the International Mountain Film Competition at the 13th edition of the International Mountain Film Festival in Zakopane, Poland. The festival takes place from August 30th until September 3rd 2017. The film will be screened on Friday the 1st of September at 12:15 pm and on Saturday the 2nd of September at 08:45 pm.

Official selection Ecofalante Brazil

Wonderful news from São Paulo, Brazil: ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has been officially selected for the 6th edition of the Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival! The film will have it’s Brazilian premiere, screening in the ‘Climate Change – International Contemporary Program’. The festival takes place from June 1st until June 14th 2017.

Official selection Telluride Mountainfilm Festival

We are very happy with the official selection of ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ for the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival (Colorado, US)! This festival takes place from May 26th until May 29th 2017 and the film will be screened on May 26th, May 27th and May 28th.

Selection Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival

The Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival in Serbia has selected ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ to screen at the 10 edition of the festival! The festival takes place from May 8th until May 15th 2017. The film will be screened on Wednesday May 10th.

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins Genziana d’Oro at Trento Film Festival

This weekend, ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has won the ‘Genziana d’Oro Miglior Film’ or the ‘Gold Gentian for Best Film’ at the 65th edition of the Trento Film Festival! The jury motivated their choice with: “A unique and at the same time universal character, depicted with strong esthetic coherence and deep human respect, through a pure and honest documentary style, which triggers a reflection on an urgent problem in today’s world.”

But the film was not only awarded with the main prize: the RAI headquarters in Trento unanimously awarded the film with the ‘RAI Award’ for the best documentary on current affairs and the Italian Touring Club awarded the film with the ‘Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli Touring Club Italiano Award’ for the promotion of sustainable and responsible use of the mountains.

And last but not least, the jury of the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Award’ unanimously decided to give a ‘Special Mention’ to ‘Samuel in the Clouds’.

We are extremely honored to receive this recognition for the film. Congratulations to Pieter and his crew for this incredible achievement!