Festival selections Thessaloniki and One World Romania

Excellent festival news from both Greece and Romania: 'Samuel…
February 28, 2017/by sitc

Exiting festival news for ‘Samuel in the Clouds’

We are very pleased to bring some exiting festival news from…
February 16, 2017/by sitc

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins ‘Best Cinematography’ award at SIMA

We are very happy to receive the news that 'Samuel in the Clouds'…
February 9, 2017/by sitc

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins ‘Mejor Fotografía’ in Bilbao

We are very happy to be able to announce that 'Samuel in the…
December 19, 2016/by sitc

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins Grand Prix in Autrans

We are delighted that 'Samuel in the Clouds' has won the 'Grand…
December 3, 2016/by sitc

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins Best Environment Film award in Kendal

Yesterday night, 'Samuel in the Clouds' won the award for 'Best…
November 21, 2016/by sitc

Official selection FIDOCS

We are incredibly happy with the news that 'Samuel in the Clouds'…
November 8, 2016/by sitc

Screening ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ in Lima

Director Pieter Van Eecke will be presenting his film tonight…
October 28, 2016/by sitc

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins Gold Hugo in Chicago

'Samuel in the Clouds' is the 2016  Chicago International Film…
October 22, 2016/by sitc

Official Selection Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

Great news from Austria: 'Samuel in the Clouds' has been officially…
October 10, 2016/by sitc

‘Samuel in the Clouds’ wins Nature and People Award in South Korea

'Samuel in the Clouds' has just been awarded with the Nature…
October 4, 2016/by sitc

Official selection Ulju Mountain Film Festival

We are very excited to make the official selection of 'Samuel…
September 26, 2016/by sitc

Official selection Chicago International Film Festival

We are extremely proud with the first official selection across…
September 20, 2016/by sitc

Screening at Nederlands Film Festival

We were very happy to receive good news from the Nederlands…
September 8, 2016/by sitc

Official selection Festival des Libertés

It is with great pleasure that we announce that 'Samuel in the…
September 6, 2016/by sitc

Screening at Filmfestival Oostende

We are very pleased that 'Samuel in the Clouds' will be screened…
September 5, 2016/by sitc

Official selection Budapest International Documentary Festival

July 25, 2016/by sitc

Samuel in the Clouds during this Summer

After a successful release in cinemas in Flanders and Brussels…
June 24, 2016/by sitc

Official Selection Docs Barcelona

We are very proud to announce that 'Samuel in the Clouds' is…
May 3, 2016/by sitc

Release ‘Samuel in the Clouds’

We're happy to announce that ‘Samuel in the Clouds’ has been…
April 5, 2016/by sitc

Finalizing sound

We are currently finalizing the sound mix at Studio l'Equipe. What…
January 29, 2016/by sp_sitc


An intensive period of editing has begun. Stay tuned for upd…
August 14, 2015/by sp_sitc

Pitching at Doc Montevideo

Doc Montevideo gave us the opportunity to pitch Samuel in the…
August 4, 2014/by sp_sitc

Media support for Samuel in the clouds

We just got some very good news from Creative Europe : Samuel…
July 22, 2014/by sp_sitc

Samuel in the clouds pitching @docs in Thessaloniki – EDN

Samuel in the clouds was pitched at Docs in Thessaloniki 2014.…
March 14, 2014/by sp_sitc


RT @Bethmagre: Entranyable el protagonista de #Samuelintheclouds. Delicada i visualment espectacular #docsbarcelona samuelclouds photo

RT @naciodigital: Continua en marxa el @docsbarcelona: us recomanem els vuit documentals imprescindibles #docsbarce

RT @esubira: P.VanEecker, L.Rinaldi, M.Zamora i G.Kral ens expliquen @altairmagazine @DocsBarcelona la màgia de fer documentals https://t.c…

RT @DocsBarcelona: Un plaer conèixer de prop la visió dels creadors. Ara a @altairviajes! #docsbarcelona samuelclouds photo


Samuel in the Clouds

In Bolivia, the glaciers are melting. Samuel, an old ski lift operator, is looking out of a window on the rooftop of the world. Through generations his family lived and worked in the snowy mountains, but now snow fails. While scientists are discussing and measuring ominous changes Samuel honors the mountain spirits. The clouds continue to drift by.
Samuel in the Clouds
Samuel in the Clouds
Festival selections for 'Samuel in the Clouds' at Thessaloniki and One World Romania!
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Samuel in the Clouds
Samuel in the Clouds
If you are in Finland, you can watch Samuel in the Clouds tonight on television at Yle Arenan & Yle Fem !
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Samuel in the Clouds
Samuel in the Clouds shared Cinéma l'Ecran Ath's event.
ATH nous ouvre ses portes: projection au Ciné Ecran de Ath, en présence de Pieter Van Eecke, ce jeudi 23 février à 20h15.
Autre projection seule, le 27 février à 18h.
Let's share the information!
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Samuel in the Clouds
Samuel in the Clouds shared SCI-Projets Internationaux's event.
Projection de Samuel au Ciné-club Abya Yala à Saint Gilles, organisé par le SCI ce 22 février. Pieter viendra présenter son film! RDVà ne pas manquer les Saint-Gillois!
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Samuel in the Clouds
Samuel in the Clouds
Two new screenings for 'Samuel in the Clouds' in Canada and the US!
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